Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another vote for broccoli

Oh, man. All these awesome mama moments in one week? How is one to handle such things?

And really, I shouldn't say "mama" moments at all because they really have little to do with me. They're about my children growing and blossoming and becoming their own awesome little selves, and I just happen to be noticing. There's some pride in there, too, however. Full disclosure.

Tonight's bit of awesomeness? The Goblin Queen ate roasted broccoli. Not only has she never wanted to join our enthusiastic clan of roasted broccoli-eaters, she's never cared for the stuff no matter its preparation. Neither of them have. But I really do believe it's important to just keep offering them foods, regardless of whether they eat them, as it often takes dozens of attempts before they finally decide they will deign to allow the offending food to pass their lips--and possibly, if no one's watching, like it.

So tonight, as I prepared their little divided plates (which, incidentally, I love for many reasons, but really do think contribute to the classic childhood aversion of food touching--we consequently only have a pair of them), I stuck a small floret of broccoli in each of the very American-sized (read: TINY) vegetable sections and assumed they wouldn't be touched. Or, in the case of King Toad Agooga, tossed disdainfully on the floor, as he deems the fitting fate for all things he finds on his plate that fall in the category of "Oh, HELL, no."

BUT. As we ALL know--you make an ASS out of (YO)U and ME when you assume things, and this night, I did, in fact, make an ass out of myself, and I suppose my children...? Hmmm. Not sure that adage always works entirely properly. No matter. I love it all the same.

This is excepting, of course, in the case of KTA, who did, dutifully, toss said broccoli on the floor in disgust. But the goblin! The goblin ate the broccoli. Both The Barbarian and I spied her pick up the first piece (for whatever reason, even though they were small, I thought cutting them a bit might prove more beneficial to success--mama intuition, people) and glancing at each other, we held our breath while she put it in her mouth and proceeded to make the most adorable "I'm not sure I like this at all, or even whether it's really food, but for some reason, I can't stop eating it and think I might, in fact, actually like it" face. Trust me. The face said ALL those things in quick succession, The Barbarian and I stealing glances at each other and attempting not to burst out laughing. And then? THEN she reached for another! And another! And finally had a few more pieces from my plate. What in the world is actually going on around here?

So there you have it. My child ate roasted broccoli and I couldn't be happier.

It's the little things, right?

(But seriously, crossing to this side of the "I Heart Broccoli" fan club is NOT little. This is where the cool people reside, after all. THIS IS HUGE.)


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone! There is nothing that makes your heart flutter than when you find one of your kiddoes finds the joy of eating something tasty and good for you.
    We were lucky in that our kids liked broccoli at a young age. Keep doing what you 're doing. It's working. Wishing you many more happy parenting adventures

    1. Thanks, Susan! Yes, I was a very picky eater and am desperately hoping they don't take after me--or my brother, who was even worse! Thanks for visiting! :)

  2. Ah, the joys of broccoli. Our daughters took a bit of time to adjust, but they ate it pretty early. It was the spinach that was the most difficult. Which counters me, as these two are pretty much my favorite foods (other than chocolate, of course)

    1. Mmmm! Two of my favourites as well. I nannied for a little boy who absolutely loved raw spinach long before most kids are willing to even try it. I was always so impressed. Ours have eaten some sautéed spinach in the past, and certainly eat it in quiche and the like, but thanks for the reminder to keep offering it!