Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So, apparently there are some issues with the subscribe via email function on the blog, and as I'm breaking up with Facebook and want people to be able to follow me here, this is problematic. Some have managed to make it work, but I'm not able to see all of you from my end, so I'm a tad...confused.

This post is for you subscribers, then. If an email alerting you to this post shows up, please comment here and let me know! I've also disabled the word verification feature for commenting for now, as I know people have had issues with that in the past--however, because of that, I've chosen to moderate comments, so don't be alarmed to see that. 

We'll figure this out, dammit. 

I swear it shall be done!


  1. I tried to subscribe and it told me no! And I was all like, sad face, über sad face. Anyway I'll keep checking back. I'm going to kiss you on Facebook.

  2. Dude, I leave Facebook and they finally make a "kiss" feature?! Teehee. Okay, sorry. I hate when people make fun of my typos and autocorrects, but I totally couldn't help it. ;) Send me your email address via The Barbarian and I'll try to add you from my end. Damn Blogger!