Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank you, FeedBurner

Dearest Subscribers,

Of course, shortly after changing the settings and having the title of the post added as the subject line of your email, I decide to use a bit of naughty language in the post title. And seeing as FeedBurner formats it to then also be the heading of the actual content of the email and displays it yet again as the clickable title of the post, what you see in the brief blurb in your inbox (as well as the actual email) is it repeated three times. Lovely. At least there can be no question as to how I truly feel about diverticulitis, though, eh?

Most of you know by now that I use "bad" words sometimes. Occasionally. Or a lot. Either way, it is what it is and I'm sure most of you don't care in general. This is also my blog and, of course, I get to use whatever kind of language I want. I don't apologize for that. As the saying goes, I'm a lady with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. It happens.

What I do apologize for is having it sort of thrown in your face like that if it's not something you're comfortable with. I realize it could be a bit off-putting for some. And while it's not something I normally do in a post title, I'm sure it will on rare occasions happen. So again, my apologies. But it was fitting and I do stand by that assessment. Especially this challenging next morning. Sigh. 

And I could have emailed you all, but as you're often the only ones who read these, I made a whole post about it just for you. Because I love you. Simple. 

As always, thanks for reading! 

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