Sunday, March 16, 2014


As the post title may imply, I've been tweaking my FeedBurner feed. Turns out, the default settings are not entirely awesome. Go figure, eh?

The most helpful post about such things I stumbled upon spoke of "optimizing" one's FeedBurner feed. And when I think of optimizing, I think of Optimus Prime (as any tomboy from the 80's worth her weight would). And when I think of Optimus Prime, I think of phenomenal awesomeness. And when I think of phenomenal awesomeness, I think of myself. And when I think of myself, I think of my blog. So, see? It all makes perfect sense. 

Among other features, the main thing I wanted to tweak was in order to be completely and totally obnoxious--I'm now forcing all you dear, lovely subscribers to actually visit my blog in order to read my fantastic nonsense in its entirety. I know, I know. Told you it was obnoxious. But I like to be able to see how many people visit the site, as, for a SAHP, every hit feels almost like an actual interaction with another adult. Almost. Close enough.

So if nothing else gets posted today, this will at least serve as a way to ascertain whether I made all these changes successfully. Because, well, tech and I have a way of not really seeing eye to eye sometimes. Shocking, I know. 

See you all at the blog, then, suckas! 

(I hope...)   

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